Accidents & Emergencies

A&E / Out of Hours Centre

The Casualty Department at Darlington Memorial Hospital is open at all times. Please use it for accidents and emergencies only. If you are in doubt please telephone the surgery for advice first. We encourage our patients to see us at all opportunities rather than the out of hours centre and the Accident and Emergency Department.

The Walk-In Centre has now been replaced with Out of Hours. You cannot 'walk-in' to this service. You must call 111 who will arrange an appointment for you at the service. This allows them to be able to triage your problem to either a out of hours GP calling you, An appointment at out of hours or if they feel it is suitable they will also arrange 999 ambulances.

For this reason we encourage our patients to use the 111 service. So that you can be given the correct advise on how to be treated and where to go for help.

Between the hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday we strongly advise you contact the surgery as first point of contact should you require medical assistance rather than using the out of hours service. Regardless of the time of day. Once again we are able to direct you to the appropriate place for treatment.


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