Patient Participation Group

Aims of the Group

The group comprises of patients of the surgery who wish to work together with the staff and doctors to help them to meet the needs of patients, improve services and to share an understanding of issues and opportunities.

Whilst the Patient Participation Group is not a vehicle for clinical complaints it will:

  • Receive reports about and comment on operational matters relating to Carmel Medical Practice and make comments or suggestions thereon
  • Establish a two-way communication between the partners, staff and patients


By working together in a constructive and supportive way, over the last few years, we have:

  • Introduced a “New Information” notice board
  • Introduced publicity to reduce DNA’s (Did not attend)
  • Improved seating in the waiting room
  • Improved access for disabled patients
  • Introduced on-line ordering for repeat prescriptions
  • Discussed and agreed on Patient Survey Questionnaire
  • Discussed and agreed on ways to distribute Patient Survey Questionnaires

Join us

We are always happy to accept new members. If you wish to join please contact Jennifer on 01325 520794.

PPG Meeting Minutes

Dec 2021

Sept 2021

July 2017

October 2017

February 2018


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