Telephone Advice

If you feel as though your problem is something that you do NOT have to be examined for, an example of this would be results, discussing medications etc, you can request a telephone appointment.

This follows the same procedure as a face to face appointment. For same day URGENT telephone appointments you must ring on a morning at 8am. When arranging the appointment you must state that it is for a telephone appointment and have a contact number ready for the receptionist to send to your GP/Nurse Practitioner. The receptionist will give you a rough time of when the Clinician will call, however if the Clinician is running late in clinic they may be late calling you.

Should you require a routine telephone consultation you can ring at any time of the day and you will be offered the next routine appointment with a GP/Nurse Practitioner which you can then decide whether you would like to attend face to face with the Clinician or make it into a telephone appointment.

Remember you can also ring and leave a message for the GP/Nurse Practitioner, which the receptionist can pass on and when the Clinician has responded the receptionist will call you to let you know what they have advised. Please bare in mind that the Clinician will respond as soon as they are available which in some cases this could take a couple of hours depending on urgent appointments/home visits etc.

Once the Clinician has responded our reception team will do their best to call you as soon as they can to pass on this information. To help us please make sure you check your contact details are correct.


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